April 16 General Meeting

Climate Action Plan & Coast Hwy Redevelopment Update

6:30 PM Meet and Greet with Refreshments

7:00 - 8:00 PM Speakers

St Mary's School on 515 Wisconsin Street​


Call for Volunteers!

OCNA needs 20 volunteers for Oceanside’s Independence Parade on June 29th to participate in a Lawn Chair Brigade!
     All that is needed is a folding lawn chair and a lot of enthusiasm! 

Google to see examples how fun this will be.  Sign up ocna101@gmail.com

Apr 6 – IRONMAN Triathlon at Harbor

Apr 10 – El Corazon Bird Walk 7-9AM
Apr 11 – Open Mic San Tropez Café 8PM
Apr 18 – Silent Films at Library 6PM
Apr 20 – Artist Alley Interactive 10-2PM
Apr 20 – Egg Hunt Buchannan Park 10AM
Apr 21 – Happy Easter!
Apr 25 – Live music at Masters 7PM
Apr 27 – Earth Festival 10-3PM Pier View
May 3 – Beach Soccer Harbor 8AM-8PM

Oceanside is participating in the 2019 Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation April 1-30. This is a friendly competition between cities encouraging water and energy saving activities via an online pledge at mywaterpledge.com or via a paper pledge card distributed in utility bills.

   Additionally, staff will be conducting outreach to the public at the MainStreet farmer’s and sunset markets, as well as other events throughout April.

   Cities compete in five population categories and, in each category, the city with the highest percentage of residents who take the pledge will receive national recognition and prizes for residents.​

Welcome to OCNA

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​Bungalow District  Overlay

Board of Directors

Oceanside Coastal Neighborhood Association (OCNA) is made up of people just like you. We’re your neighbors down the street and around the corner who are getting involved in our community and strengthening ties to one another. By sharing information and working together, we can all make a great neighborhood even better.

Our mission is to ensure a vital, sustainable neighborhood that protects the quality of life for all citizens in the Oceanside coastal area.

   67% of property owners agree to Bungalow District Overlay in the Seaside. 

   OCNA is now working with the city to formalize the neighborhood voted "Bungalow District” to be used by City Planners to help preserve some of the unique characteristics of our Seaside neighborhood. 

Connecting and Informing Neighbors

President                  Jane Marshall

Vice President          Lisa Hamilton

Treasurer                  Lane Stewart

Secretary                  Mike Grehl

Dir Membership       Steven Burrell

Dir Publicity             Maggie Matthews  

Director                    Claudia Troisi