President                  Jane Marshall

Vice President          Lisa Hamilton

Treasurer                  Lane Stewart


Dir Membership       Steven Burrell

Dir Publicity             Maggie Matthews  

Director                    Claudia Troisi

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​Bungalow District  Overlay

​​   City Council approved a light version of the Short Term Rental Ordinance that will require monitoring and measuring. 

   OCNA supported PC's recommendation to cap on the number of STR's allowed in neighborhoods vs RT zone, and that STR's must be occupied by the owner.  

   Unfortunately the Council did not agree and voted to measure for 1 year and see what impacts remain. 

   State Bill 1731 requires STR's as owner occupied in SD county Coastal Zones is in committee before going to Senate.

Connecting and Informing Neighbors

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​​​​Summer Socials!

Check out new restaurants or old favorites and visit with your neighbors and friends!

         Jun 18 - Masters Kitchen at 6PM

         Jul 16 - Jalisco's on Coast Hwy 6PM

         Aug 20 - Spirits (Joe's Furn) 6PM

Our next General Meeting at St Mary's School

          Sep 17 - Homeless and Coast Hwy Vote



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   67% of property owners agree to Bungalow District Overlay in the Seaside. 

   OCNA continues to work with the city to formalize the "Bungalow District”.  In the meantime height ordinance 1031 limiting heights to 27ft with strictly limited roof access passed Council.  More to come!  

Oceanside Coastal Neighborhood Association (OCNA) is made up of people just like you. We’re your neighbors down the street and around the corner who are getting involved in our community and strengthening ties to one another. By sharing information and working together, we can all make a great neighborhood even better.

Our mission is to ensure a vital, sustainable neighborhood that protects the quality of life for all citizens in the Oceanside coastal area.

Short Term Rental Ordinance

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